Hi I'm Charlotte and i'm based in Durham in the North East of England.

I always loved going shopping especially clothes shopping. However as I became plus size I began to struggle to find plus size clothes which were fashionable and competitively priced. I always wore the usual jeans and a baggy top and when I went out it was always black jeans some kind of top and a blazer.

I began talking to other plus size ladies who found the exact same problems and who also struggled to find fashionable, good quality clothes.


Going into a clothes shop can be daunting when a young size 8 sales assistant is telling you how lovely you look in that top which you feel really uncomfortable in. 

Does that sound familiar? Yes, because I've been there too. I was sick of not being able to find clothes that I liked and just bought something because I was desperate for something to wear. 

That's when Ellen Page Fashion was born.

I always get asked who is Ellen Page. Well let me tell you... It was my gran who sadly passed away in 2006 and would be 100 this year 2020.

She was so glam, beautiful clothes and always had her hair and make up done and someone I loved very much.

Ellen Page.jpg